Flight 7500 (Movie Review)

For these naïve flyers, The Mile High Club took a whole new meaning filled with terror and thrills. Director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge 2004, The Grudge 2 2006) took us on a suspenseful plane ride with 2014’s Supernatural Horror film Flight 7500. The plane’s roster ... Read More

The Other Side of the Door (Movie Review)

Some realms should not be breached, some doors should not be unlocked.  Although, they were on March 4, 2016 with the release of Twentieth Century Fox’s Supernatural Horror film, The Other Side of the Door. Directed by England’s Johannes Roberts (Alice 2002, Storage 24 2012) and produced ... Read More

The Veil (Movie Review)

With a lineup of new Horror films set for release in 2016, in the earlier part of the year Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions released the new Supernatural Thriller entitled The Veil. Initially slated to be another Found Footage film, Writer Robert Ben Garant  (Jessabelle 2014, ... Read More

Seeking Out The Changeling 35 Years Later

The supernatural has played a part in Horror films since Georges Melies’1896 French short, Le Manoir Du Diable (The Devil’s Castle/The Haunted Castle).  1980 Horror film The Changeling upheld that tradition eighty-nine years later. By definition,  Changeling means a creature found in European folklore and Folk ... Read More