Antlers (Movie Review)

One of the more anticipated Horror films of 2021 has to be the Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart 2009, Hostiles 2017) directed and Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy 2004, Pan’s Labyrinth 2006) produced Antlers. Having an unfortunate original release date of April 2020, it was one of ... Read More

The Evil Next Door (Movie Review)

Ghost stories based on true stories are a dime a dozen in the Horror genre, with 1979’s The Amityville Horror and 1982’s Poltergeist paving the way for more recent franchises such as The Conjuring and The Haunting in Connecticut. These films’ success, coupled with hit ... Read More

Demonic (Movie Review)

Neill Blomkamp is a writer/director with one of the most interesting and eclectic resumes in movies. His work spans from acclaimed feature-length films, short films, and experimental shorts, all from his independent company, Oats Studios. As his last feature length was 2015’s Chappie, fans were ... Read More