Swedish film

The Evil Next Door (Movie Review)

Ghost stories based on true stories are a dime a dozen in the Horror genre, with 1979’s The Amityville Horror and 1982’s Poltergeist paving the way for more recent franchises such as The Conjuring and The Haunting in Connecticut. These films’ success, coupled with hit ... Read More

Blood Paradise (Movie Review)

You could say that being a best-selling writer is its own form of misery, as is evidenced in the new English-language Swedish Horror-Comedy Blood Paradise. Artsploitation Films deliver this sharp, ironic and murderous good time to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. Best-selling ... Read More

Interview – Pella Kågerman

Growing up with her grandmother, Sweden’s Pella Kågerman was encouraged to read and explore literature in an active way. In fact, performing and role-playing the books they read together became a favorite pass time, so it is no wonder that Kågerman would develop the ability ... Read More

Aniara (Movie Review)

To our knowledge, Earth is the only home humans have ever known. That in mind, what happens when Earth can no longer sustain it all and mankind is forced to leave? Will the new home fair any better? Writers/Directors Pella Kagerman (The Swedish Supporter 2011, ... Read More

Sargad (Movie Review)

When a family’s sadness is turned into a violent episode, one young woman will take the power back in order to avenge some serious wrongs in the brand-new Swedish Horror/Thriller, Sargad, which travelled the festival circuit and arrived on DVD in North America on Tuesday, ... Read More