Game of Death (Movie Review)

There have been a few films that have tried to piece together what martial arts legend Bruce Lee had intended for his film project Game of Death before his sudden passing in 1973. Not to cause any confusion, the modern Horror film by the same ... Read More

Mickey and the Bear (Movie Review)

One might hope Mickey and the Bear would be another animal adventure like Mia and the White Lion, or a Mickey Mouse/Winnie the Pooh crossover for Disney+. Instead, it is an allegory for a family drama due out in US theaters everywhere Friday, November 29, ... Read More

Interview – Tommy McLoughlin

Growing up in Southern California, Tommy McLoughlin knew from a young age he wanted to be involved in entertainment in some shape or form. Little did he know that his dreams would come true when he became an established filmmaker during the 1980s, directing such ... Read More

Meow Wolf: Origin Story (Documentary Review)

Based on the title alone, Meow Wolf: Origin Story sounds like it could be some ironic werewolf flick. Every night on a full moon, some unfortunate soul transforms into a werewolf with an identity complex, an alternate fursona, or an interest in Japanese anime. The ... Read More

Ghost Stories (Movie Review)

Spoiler alert: Ghost Stories is actually about werewolves! Okay, not really: Ghost Stories was originally a 2010 stage play from London’s West End, where it earned itself an Olivier Award nomination. Its playwrights, Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen series, Crackanory series) and lead actor Andy ... Read More