Broods – Evergreen (Album Review)

Influenced by scoop-oriented journalists, many music enthusiasts tend to associate or, worse, equate certain genres with the respective decades when these genres peaked in the commercial scene. For instance, when they hear New Wave or Synthpop, they think that this referred to only bands or ... Read More

Interview – Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins

The 1980s were an era of musical explorations spawning a new sound heavily driven by synthesizers. With strong roots in the European scene, an array of uniquely inventive musicians took over popular music, helping shape the era with hit songs that still resonate three decades later. ... Read More

Interview – Lights

Music is one of the most beautiful gifts life has to offer. For some it is merely an escape from everyday life, while for others it is a gateway for creativity. The Canadian singer-songwriter know as Lights discovered that passion at a very young age, ... Read More

Erasure – The Violet Flame (Album Review)

Pop music, in the USA especially, has a certain negative connotation to it. The naysayers will tell you it is mindless, empty music made for the sole purpose of making money. UK Synthpop legends Erasure have not only embraced the term, but, after nearly thirty ... Read More

Interview – Howard Jones

The musical movement, New Wave, rose to popularity during the 1980’s as an exciting fresh, artistic expression through the use of advanced technologies and synthesizers. Among those talented musicians to lead the revolution was UK songwriter Howard Jones who produced a slew of hit singles ... Read More