Interview – Tom Berenger

The name Tom Berenger is one of the most recognized in Hollywood. A diverse actor, Berenger has been mastering his craft for over five decades, starring in a list of memorable films as well as television series. Vividly remembered for his roles in 1986’s Platoon, 1991’s Major ... Read More

12 Angry Men: 65 Years In The Jury

Viewed by many as one of the greatest films of all time, 12 Angry Men is a humble courtroom drama that spends most of its 96-min runtime in one room. Most of the cast are more famous for their TV roles (The Twilight Zone! Star ... Read More

Interview – Breana Raquel

Though she is young, Breana Raquel is fierce! A multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter who has toured the U.S. with High School Nation, this teen titan has also starred in such series as CBS’ popular hits Criminal Minds and SEAL Team, as well as the ... Read More

Interview – Adam Carolla

Life is what you make of it, and if you want something bad enough, you simply are just going to have to work for it. Combining vision with dedication and strong work ethic, Adam Carolla built his career in entertainment from the ground up. Known ... Read More