Teresa Palmer

The Clearing (Mini Series Review)

From the 1950s into the 1990s the world experienced a rise in cults and/or the idea of cults. From The Manson Family, People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, to Children of God… clearly cults have always landed themselves a bad reputation. Australia’s The Family, operating from the ... Read More

Berlin Syndrome (Movie Review)

Travelling to a foreign country on your own can be both exciting and dangerous. Unfortunately for Clare, a young woman who travels to Berlin on a whim, played by Teresa Palmer (Point Break 2015, Lights Out 2016), she finds the latter in her journey. Such ... Read More

Lights Out (Movie Review)

Dubbed by many Horror fanatics as one of the top theatrical released Horror flicks to see in 2016, Lights Out hit theaters on July 22nd. Distributed by Warner Bros., the film marks David F. Sandberg’s feature film debut and is based on the 2013 short film ... Read More