The Awakening

MGT – Gemini Nyte (Album Review)

These days, it is quite challenging to create any music of an original and meaningful nature, yet, it is not completely impossible. In many cases, listening satisfaction can be found in a new collaboration utilizing the same style that has always worked for a particular ... Read More

P.O.D. – The Awakening (Album Review)

The “positive vibe” Rock band, Payable on Death, better known as P.O.D., burst on the scene in 1991 out of the melting pot that is San Diego, California in Marcos Curiel’s and Wuv Bernardo’s garages.  Then, they were just guitars and drums under the name ... Read More

Interview – Marcos Curiel of P.O.D.

Through the evolution of music, many hybrids of styles have been crossed, thus creating entirely new genres unique unto themselves. Back in the ’90s, a new scene built a foundation where bands began to combine elements of Hip Hop with Rock and Metal at a ... Read More