The Breakfast Club

Interview – Anthony Michael Hall

One of the ’80s brightest young stars, Anthony Michael Hall’s face was all over film throughout the decade. From playing the original Rusty Griswold in 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, to his breakout role in 1985’s The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, Hall made a name for himself with his ... Read More

Interview – Judd Nelson

Back in the 1980s, coming-of-age films were hot in cinema and a talented group of young actors/actresses involved some of the most popular titles was nicknamed the Brat Pack. A play on the original Rat Pack, the Brat Pack’s core consisted of Emilio Estevez, Anthony ... Read More

Interview – Jim Kerr of Simple Minds

Dreams are merely thoughts and images projected in the mind of a sleeper, but what happens when they break free of illusion to become reality? Often the goal of many who dare explore their own creative aspirations, a little band out of Glasgow, Scotland named ... Read More