The Fog

Interview – Tom Atkins

In most cases, nothing in life is predictable. You can be on one path and then find a detour which leads you in an entirely different direction, changing the game forever. This is exactly what happened to Tom Atkins, just out of the Navy and ... Read More

Interview – Adrienne Barbeau   

In cinema, there are those who work and those who love to work. Feeling as if she has sincerely never worked a day in her life, accomplished Actress Adrienne Barbeau is one of the latter. Having a career that has spanned some forty years, Barbeau is ... Read More

The Fog still casting terror 35 Years Later

This February saw the 35th anniversary of the theatrical release of John Carpenter’s (Halloween 1978, The Thing 1982) 1980 Horror masterpiece, The Fog. To this day, The Fog is still generally not regarded as one of Carpenter’s best, but it is still a moody and atmospheric Horror classic in its own right ... Read More