The Horror Collective

Bloody Hell (Movie Review)

Horror/Comedy had died down over the years until shows like Ash vs Evil Dead and movies like 2017’s The Babysitter hit streaming platforms, and proved that this genre is not over just yet. Following this trend, The Horror Collective’s pitch-black Horror/Comedy Bloody Hell hits select ... Read More

Rot (Movie Review)

When it comes to Body Horror, there is no shortage of films that creep in and attack the senses. A sub-genre of Horror like no other, there are those moments that make you cringe just a little with every change that takes place upon the ... Read More

Two Heads Creek (Movie Review)

Everything in the Outback wants to kill you—even family! The UK/Australian Horror-Comedy Two Heads Creek arrives to VOD and On Demand on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020, via The Horror Collective. We open on decimated wieners and a graffiti-covered butcher shop. Here, after the death of ... Read More