The Shining

Interview – Joe Cotela of DED

When they first came to our attention, DED was a misanthropic quintet who were anti-everything, but a lot has changed since they removed those white-out contact lenses. These days, they have taken massive strides, channeling their frustration into a matured, refined and diversified sound that ... Read More

Malicious (Movie Review)

Also known as The Curse, Malicious the Horror Thriller arrives on DVD in North America Tuesday, November 20, 2018 thanks to Vertical Entertainment. Also available on VOD platforms, if you want to check it out before clearing a space on your shelf, some may already have a ... Read More

Inheritance (Movie Review)

Though known mostly for his short films such as Nostalgica, Nobody’s Business, and The Thing Is, it seems that Tyler Savage has been wanting to take his talents into the full feature realm of film. Debuting on Digital HD Friday, June 15, 2018, Inheritance marks his ... Read More