Tiffany Heath

Sightings (Movie Review)

From High Octane Pictures as well as BrighterMoon Productions, and heading to VOD on the November 7, 2017, comes the new Supernatural Thriller Sightings. A tale described as 1975’s Jaws meets the Netflix series Stranger Things with a dose of 2002’s Signs, does it live up to such intrigue? The story begins ... Read More

Cut Her Out (Movie Review)

Pulling triple duty as actress, writer, and director, Tiffany Heath (Mulberry Stains 2012, Pale 2016) plays Darcy, a woman with psychological problems with a tragic past in the Psychological Thriller known as Cut Her Out. Co-starring Denton Blane Everett (Lawless 2007, Psychic Experiment 2010) along ... Read More