Tim Abell

Inheritance (Movie Review)

Though known mostly for his short films such as Nostalgica, Nobody’s Business, and The Thing Is, it seems that Tyler Savage has been wanting to take his talents into the full feature realm of film. Debuting on Digital HD Friday, June 15, 2018, Inheritance marks his ... Read More

Circus Kane (Movie Review)

Over twenty years ago, America fell in love with the adorable little Jonathan Lipnicki when he starred alongside Tom Cruise in the 1996 hit film Jerry Maguire. If you thought that you would never see the day that Lipnicki would be a grown man starring in ... Read More

Navy SEALS v Demons (Movie Review)

Only one team stands between sweet, sweet virgin blood, and the wicked schemes of diabolic hellions. Navy SEALS, Hooyah! Director Jeffrey Reyes (Invasion 2012, Trap Queen series), a long-time prop-master, brings viewers Navy SEALS v Demons. Written by the same team responsible for 2015’s Navy SEALS vs. Zombies, ... Read More