Time Travel

Mandao of the Dead (Movie Review)

Two things; is Mandao of the Dead another zombie film? The title makes it sound like one, given it is a riff on George Romero’s work. Also, what is a ‘Mandao’? Mandao (‘man-dey-oh’) is the surname of this film’s hero: Jay Mandao, played by Writer, ... Read More

7 Splinters in Time (Movie Review)

Imagine arriving on a crime scene to find the victim murdered is in fact yourself. Bizarre, yet compelling, veteran Cinematographer Gabriel Judet-Weinshel took this concept and developed it around the story of his directorial feature film debut, 7 Splinters in Time. Put together on a limited ... Read More

Counter Clockwise (Movie Review)

What happens when you are a DIY scientist with his own teleportation-time machine running out of time to find out who murdered your wife and sister? These questions are asked in the latest George Moïse Sci-Fi Thriller/Dark Comedy film Counter Clockwise. Starring co-writers Michael Kopelow (Don’t Tell ... Read More