Tobias Andersen

Ihsahn – Pharos (EP Review)

An artist who has reached far beyond the extent of his roots, the highly productive Vegard Tveitan – more commonly known by the moniker of Ihsahn – has continued to evolve out of the blistering, orchestral darkness of Black Metal and into the realm of ... Read More

Ihsahn – Telemark (EP Review)

An artist who needs no introduction, Vegard Tveitan has been making music underneath the pseudonym Ihsahn for over thirty years. Ever since he adopted the stage name as a teenager, spearheading the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal with Emperor, Ihsahn has quite organically and ... Read More

Ihsahn – ‘Amr (Album Review)

If one of the most ironclad aspects of Black Metal is its unwillingness to fit within anyone’s boundaries or expectations of artistic decorum, then it stands to reason that when one of the style’s originators departs from such roots for shores unknown, the results will ... Read More