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Interview – Monique Dupree

A multi-talented individual, Monique Dupree is a Jill of many trades, from acting to dancing, to modeling to singing, as well as working diligently in the world of wrestling with House of Hardcore. Beginning her career in entertainment while quite young, she has also become ... Read More

Candy Corn (Movie Review)

From Josh Hasty, the director of 2016’s In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn: The Making of 31 documentary, comes a delightfully fun and horrific feature film called Candy Corn. A few weeks shy of the beginning of the Halloween season, Candy Corn is set to be ... Read More

Interview – Michael Welch

A veteran actor, in over two decades of work, Michael Welch has nearly 100 film and television credits to his name. Known for roles in the popular Syfy series Z Nation, as well as on the Emmy-nominated CBS show, Joan of Arcadia, he also starred in ... Read More

The Final Wish (Movie Review)

Let’s be honest: everyone dreams about having wishes granted in order to better their lives. That in mind, if faced with such a situation, would we make the right decisions? Would we consider the ramifications our wishes have on others? There is a price to ... Read More