Toronto International Film Festival

When Evil Lurks movie art

When Evil Lurks (Movie Review)

With all the mediocre, subpar Horror films roaming around these days, it is hard to believe that one can actually deliver something gold medal worthy. This is when When Evil Lurks comes around and beats that thought right out of your brain… literally.  Premiering at ... Read More

Biosphere (Movie Review)

What happens when the last two people responsible for saving what’s left of humanity cannot agree over what the deal is with the Mario Bros.? They get Biosphere, a comedy drama with an apocalyptic twist. After nearly all human life is wiped out, the only ... Read More

Turning Red (Movie Review)

Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red has certainly had more than its lead turning red, be it with anger, embarrassment, or even love. Those lucky enough to attend the Everyman Borough Yards screening and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) got to see it early on February 22nd, ... Read More

Freaks (Movie Review)

Don’t leave the house! That is, unless you are hungry for a new Sci-Fi/Thriller offering that involves two shut-ins and some impressive supernatural abilities. If you are intrigued, Well Go USA delivers Freaks to select theaters on Friday, September 13th, 2019. In the not-so-distant future, ... Read More

Clara (Movie Review)

There is much in the universe that is unknown. Scientists are tirelessly searching to find out if life is possible outside the current knowledge of Earth. These thoughts in mind, Toronto-based Filmmaker Akash Sherman (The Rocket List 2015, Four in the Morning 2016) has created ... Read More

Thelma (Movie Review)

Norway’s official 2018 Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film, Thelma is a Supernatural Thriller that proves that, yes, those Scandinavians do pretty much everything better than you! The Orchard opens the film in select theaters Friday, November 10th, after the film made a smashing ... Read More