Turning Red (Movie Review)

Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red has certainly had more than its lead turning red, be it with anger, embarrassment, or even love. Those lucky enough to attend the Everyman Borough Yards screening and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) got to see it early on February 22nd, ... Read More

Interview – Grandson

There is a lot one can say about the year 2020. There have been conspiracies, there has been truth and lies. However, what really matters is free thought and the ability to remain optimistic in a highly uncertain time. For Canadian-American Singer-Songwriter Jordan Edward Benjamin, ... Read More

Intervals – Circadian (Album Review)

Guitar cognoscente Aaron Marshall returns with Circadian, his fourth album under the Intervals moniker, set for release independently on Friday, November 13th. Once again plotting an instrumental route, and with a bit of a lineup change, Circadian finds Marshall upbeat and punchy, aided by the ... Read More