Floor Jansen – Paragon (Album Review)

The name Floor Jansen is one that has been known and respected among many underground Metal fans for over two decades. Initially the vocalist for Gothic Metal band After Forever, she would also work with the Progressive Metal act Star One, form the band ReVamp ... Read More

Interview – Cory Brandan of Norma Jean

All hail the almighty Norma Jean! With over two decades under their collective belt, these heavy hitters have been making music for longer than many of our readers have been alive. Formed in the Atlanta suburbs in 1997, the Grammy Award-nominated band made their full-length ... Read More

Interview – Ben Savage of Whitechapel

Knoxville, Tennessee-born Deathcore quintet Whitechapel know a little something about blistering Metal. Known for their dark lyrics and brutal approach, on their latest, The Valley, they get grim on a very personal level. Centered around true events in the life of the band’s vocalist and ... Read More