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Candyman – 25 Years Of Terror

Daring anyone to say his name five times, the Supernatural Horror film Candyman entered theaters back on October 16th of 1992. Now celebrating 25 long years, the Bernard Rose written and directed Candyman is arguably one of the Horror films of the ’90s era.   Released ... Read More

Baby Driver (Movie Review)

It is pretty much guaranteed that everyone has a soundtrack to their lives. Taking that concept in mind, there has always been a symbiotic relationship with film and music. Music has always been used to enhance the tone or the overall action in a scene, ... Read More

This Week In Horror Movie History – Godzilla (1998)

This week in Horror movie history, back on May 20th of 1998, the classic tale of Godzilla received a twentieth century upgrade in Roland Emmerich’s (ID4 1996, Independence Day: Resurgence 2016) co-written/directed film Godzilla. Godzilla had been terrorizing audiences since Japan’s 1954 original film directed by Ishirō ... Read More