Ace Frehley interview

Interview – Ace Frehley

Affectionately known as The Spaceman, Ace Frehley is a Rock-n-Roll legend from another stratosphere. Famously recalled a co-founder of KISS, and lead guitarist during their peak successful years, in the decades since his exit from the band have been chalked full of creativity. Launching his ... Read More
Ace Frehley 10,000 Volts

Ace Frehley – 10,000 Volts (Album Review)

One the most easily recognized guitarist around, Ace Frehley is a Rock-n-Roll legend. Famously known as the original lead guitarist of KISS, Frehley’s tenure with the band played a key part in their success thanks to his blistering guitar solos, songwriting contributions, and sensational showmanship. ... Read More