Pod Veritas album art

P.O.D. – Veritas (Album Review)

Writing the prologue of their story 30 some odd years ago, P.O.D. has since added one more interesting chapter after another. An abbreviation for Payable on Death, the intense name of the band in a way matches their approach; which is full of heaviness, introspective ... Read More

Charlie Says (Movie Review)

Even those with the steeliest of demeanours can end up falling for the right amount of charm. It just takes knowing the right things to say and do as well as doing a convincing job of meaning it. The most successful charmers can even beat ... Read More

Interview – Devin Townsend

There are few artists as free from boundaries and limitations as Devin Townsend. The Canadian prodigy has created some of the most beautiful, aggressive, and creative sounds in a career that goes all the way back to the late 1980s. Most recently, July 6, 2018, saw ... Read More