Tye Sheridan

The Mountain (Movie Review)

If there is one thing experimental Filmmaker Rick Alverson (The Comedy 2012, Entertainment 2015) consistently excels at, it is creating a painfully slow, yet oddly compelling, experience for viewers. His latest film, The Mountain, is certainly no exception. Originally premiering at the 2018 Venice International ... Read More

Dark Phoenix (Movie Review)

Nearly twenty years have passed since the X-Men first graced the silver screen. That thought in mind, with the worldwide release of Dark Phoenix on June 7th, 2019, 20th Century Fox seems to be closing this chapter of the X-Men’s history and beginning to usher ... Read More

Ready Player One (Movie Review)

Esteemed Director Terrence Malick once said, “Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything.” People forever yearn to go back to things that gave them a saccharine surge of dopamine and made them laugh until their sides hurt or made them clutch the ... Read More

Detour (Movie Review)

If you could cut yourself in half to commit a crime, and one side does not even know what the other one has done, you would live your life with clean hands, would you do it? A very intense question that is presented by Writer/Director Christopher ... Read More