Tyler Smyth

Lights – Dead End (Album Review)

Should we deem her Dance Pop, Electropop, Alt Pop, Synthpop, or something else entirely? Ah, these pesky categorizations! Well, we don’t exactly know where to place her, and, frankly, nor do we care. Canadian tour de force Lights is a talented singer-songwriter, guitarist, author, and ... Read More

I Prevail – Trauma (Album Review)

Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay, to break down, and to fall apart. Here to remind you that being human is a struggle, I Prevail present the hard-hitting Trauma, their sophomore full-length. The good folks at Fearless Records deliver the highly-anticipated disc, which arrives ... Read More

Interview – Tyler Smyth of Dangerkids

Sometimes when you least expect it, fantastic things can happen. Grounded and looking at success as improbable, the Dayton, Ohio Rock hybrid known as dangerkids have risen to high places in recent years. A promising young band, they have already toured extensively, been run through the ring, ... Read More