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Abigail (Movie Review)

Half the fun in making an entertaining Horror film is in the creative process. Although, having a good ‘out of the box’ concept is not necessarily the core of what makes the end result a success. Looking at new and improved genre films, Abigail really ... Read More

Firestarter (Movie Review)

What a world it would be if everyone had some sort of psychic or kinetic power abilities to control not only the outcomes of their own lives, but that of others as well. As the 1980 Stephen King Horror novel Firestarter describes, a few characters ... Read More

Ambulance (Movie Review)

Michael Bay (Bad Boyz 1995, Transformers 2007) is back, and he is going all classy with an adaptation of a European film. The 2005 Danish film Ambulancen by Lauritis Munch-Petersen (The Dolphin 2017) and Lars Andreas Petersen (Below the Belt 2006) to be precise. Only ... Read More