Slayers (Movie Review)

The undead, and those that kill them, have been a popular fixture in horror action for at least a century or more. For every Dracula, there is a Van Helsing, a Blade, and even a Buffy. The Avenue and Highland Film Group adds to that ... Read More

Nosferatu: A Century of Horror

Some concepts are older than they seem. ‘Breaking the 4th wall’ is considered a television term, yet authors as old as Shakespeare, Cervantes and Chaucer have used that concept in their work. Likewise, obscure knock-off films have gained notoriety as being, say, the ‘Turkish Star ... Read More

Black As Night (Movie Review)

It has been 15 years since Hurricane Katrina left a tragic and unforgettable mark on the people of Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Since that time, those that call the Big Easy home have barely been able to catch a break. Now a new problem is ... Read More

The Amityville Harvest (Movie Review)

Sadie Katz and Kyle Lowder star in The Amityville Harvest, which arrives to DVD, Digital, and On Demand on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, thanks to Lionsgate. Written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill (Check Point 2017, The Day of the Living Dead 2020), the story ... Read More