Gothic Harvest (Movie Review)

Absinthe, vampires, and Mardi Gras cast a seductive spell in Gothic Harvest, a new Horror offering starring Lin Shaye and Bill Moseley. Cinedigm and Ascension Media deliver the film to On Demand and Digital just in time for Halloween, on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019. A ... Read More

Master of Dark Shadows (Documentary Review)

Soap Operas can come in many shapes and sizes and differ from culture to culture. British ones like Eastenders or Coronation Street will try to take themselves seriously for a few weeks before going back to the cheese. While Telemundo telenovelas boil down Soaps to ... Read More

Sunset Society (Movie Review)

The vibe permeating the infamous Sunset Strip is that of the late 1980s once again, and the Hollywood elite are wining, dining, and 69-ing at The Manor, where all the hot vampires go for a tasty snack. Sunset Society is a tale of these wickedly-fanged ... Read More