Venice Film Festival

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (Movie Review)

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon has been around the film festival circuit since 2021. Winning three awards at the Venice Film Festival alone, now, thanks to Saban Films and Paramount Pictures, the film will reach US theaters, digital platforms and On Demand services on ... Read More

Charlie Says (Movie Review)

Even those with the steeliest of demeanours can end up falling for the right amount of charm. It just takes knowing the right things to say and do as well as doing a convincing job of meaning it. The most successful charmers can even beat ... Read More

West of Sunshine (Movie Review)

Opening theatrically January 18th, and releasing on VOD January 22nd via Uncork’d Entertainment, West of Sunshine is an Aussie crime Thriller that got favorable reviews and a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Not a bad day’s work from writer/director Jason Raftopoulos (Ghost Rider 2007, From ... Read More