Natty Knocks (Movie Review)

Released on July 21st through Vertical, Natty Knocks marks the return of director Dwight H. Little to feature-length Horror for the first time since 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Additionally, it features a cast of well known names in Horror; this includes ... Read More

Susie Searches (Movie Review)

True crime shows and podcasts are incredibly popular nowadays. Many people have a morbid curiosity for the disturbing stories and accounts that true crime tells, however, how many people have ever stopped to wonder about those individuals that report on these grisly go-ons? Released in ... Read More

To Catch a Killer (Movie Review)

Criminal Minds, MindHunter, NCIS, or films such as 1991’s The Silence of The Lambs all have two things in common. What is that? One, it is that there is a psychopath with a trauma-filled past who blames all of their problems on society. And two, there is also a ... Read More

Alice (Movie Review)

it is always exciting to see work from new filmmakers, especially when those filmmakers open a window into the past that gives audiences a fresh look at history. Director-Writer Krystin Ver Linden makes her debut with Alice, a story based on true events. The film ... Read More