Interview – Eszter Balint

In life there are some natural impulses we just cannot deny. In fact, some are just born into art and it is a passion that burns deep inside. Migrating to the USA from Hungary as a child, Eszter Balint has spent a good portion of ... Read More

Interview – Lindsey Stirling

One of the most compelling artists to emerge into the spotlight over the last decade is none other than Lindsey Stirling. Unique to any trends, Stirling is a violinist, songwriter, and dancer who melds all three talents into extraordinarily, eye-popping live performances and cinematic music ... Read More

The Sonata (Movie Review)

Music holds the key to the heart, crossing language barriers fluently to unite us all—perhaps even those entities that exist beyond the mortal plane. Only the devil knows the answer, an idea that is explored in the magnificently haunting new Horror offering The Sonata. Screen ... Read More