Virginia Madsen

1985 (Movie Review)

No, Yen Tan’s new film 1985 is not an adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ Orwell tribute 1985. Nor is it a Yellow Submarine-esque cinematic expansion on the Bowling For Soup song. It is more of a Texas-based take on 1994’s Philadelphia, with its dramatic tale of ... Read More

Candyman – 25 Years Of Terror

Daring anyone to say his name five times, the Supernatural Horror film Candyman entered theaters back on October 16th of 1992. Now celebrating 25 long years, the Bernard Rose written and directed Candyman is arguably one of the Horror films of the ’90s era.   Released ... Read More

This Week in Horror History – Candyman (1992)

This week in horror movie history: American horror film Candyman was released in theaters across North American October 16th, 1992.  Based on the Clive Barker short story The Forbidden and directed by Bernard Rose (Paperhouse 1998), Candyman stars Virginia Madsen (Haunting in Connecticut 2009), Kasi Lemmons (Silence of the ... Read More