Agent Jade Black (Movie Review)

The Black Widow film is not out until May 2020, and the Alias TV series ended 14 years ago. So, are there any other options for women in spy flicks? Well, probably quite a few if one searches, but the latest offering you will find ... Read More

Rabid (Movie Review)

The mad world of fashion waits for no one in Rabid, the latest from the twisted Soska Sisters. Based off the 1977 David Cronenberg flick, the Horror/Sci-Fi blend opens to select theaters, as well as arriving to Digital and On Demand, on Friday, December 13, ... Read More

Epidemic (Movie Review)

An estranged father and daughter’s troubles escalate to contagious levels in Epidemic, which arrived to DVD/VOD on September 4, 2018, thanks to Breaking Glass Pictures. Today is the big day: Dana Overbeck’s (Amanda K. Morales: Dagger Kiss series, Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House 2016) 30th ... Read More

Don’t Grow Up (Movie Review)

The world around them has gone to Hell in an instant, and it’s no longer safe to be anything but young. In fact, in the newest Magnolia Pictures offering, Don’t Grow Up, your strongest asset in your survival arsenal is your age! Be prepared to ... Read More

Feral (Movie Review)

Every lush, beautifully forbidding wilderness holds its own secrets and there is definitely something rabid lurking in Feral, a brand-new Horror offering from IFC Midnight that arrives to select theaters and On Demand as of Friday, May 25, 2018. Here, a group of six friends, ... Read More