Vision Films

Black Wake (Movie Review)

H.P. Lovecraft inspired work is all over the place these days; shows, video games, and a hefty amount of Sci-Fi films over the past decade or so has left us with a bit of eldritch fatigue. None of the famed author’s work has translated well ... Read More

Living Among Us (Movie Review)

Vampires are just like you and me, only they practice an altered diet kind of like vegans, and they are absolutely Living Among Us. This brand new fang-bang flick will be released to select U.S. theaters on Friday, February 2, 2018, thanks to Vision Films ... Read More

The Quiet Hour (Movie Review)

Following a successful run at film festivals over the past few years, The Quiet Hour finally saw a DVD and VOD release back in March of 2017 thanks to Independent film distributors Vision Films. A Science Fiction story, the Stéphanie Joalland directed The Quiet Hour has ... Read More

The Unwilling (Movie Review)

Move over Necronomicon and Lemarchand’s box, hello creepy, evil, demon box. This thought in mind, the Horror/Thriller The Unwilling, originally known as The Gathering, unleashes a new hell for Horror viewers. Nominated for ‘best picture’ at Los Angeles, CA’s F.A.S.H. Fest in November of 2016, The Unwilling ... Read More

Hollows Grove (Movie Review)

A film with a compelling story, Hollows Grove contains cameo appearances from Hollywood heavyweights such as Lance Henriksen (Alien Series, Pumpkinhead 1988), and Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump 1994, Con Air 1997). Written and directed by Craig Efro, as his full-length debut, filming took place in ... Read More