The Deeper You Dig (Movie Review)

The Deeper You Dig is a family Horror Drama directed, written, and starring a real-life family. Husband and wife duo John Adams (Knuckle Jack 2013, The Shoot 2014) and Toby Poser (Rumblestrips 2013, Halfway to Zen 2016) have made movie making a family business since ... Read More

Color Out of Space (Movie Review)

Remember Richard Stanley? The man behind 1990’s Hardware? 1992’s Dust Devil? How about 1996’s The Island of Dr. Moreau? On paper, the latter promised to be Stanley’s ascent into Hollywood. Instead, its series of disasters behind the scenes caused Stanley to be fired partway through. ... Read More

Invasion Planet Earth (Movie Review)

Remember Boyhood? The 2014 film by Richard Linklater that had people going on about how it took 12 years to shoot? How about one that has (technically) been in production for nearly 20 years? Simon Cox (Hanging Out With 9 Dead Gay Guys 2004) started ... Read More

The Black String (Movie Review)

Ever wondered what the guy from Malcolm in the Middle was up to these days? Not the dad, everyone knows what he went on to. The guy behind Malcolm himself – Frankie Muniz (Big Fat Liar 2002, Agent Cody Banks 2003). He appeared as himself ... Read More

Mandao of the Dead (Movie Review)

Two things; is Mandao of the Dead another zombie film? The title makes it sound like one, given it is a riff on George Romero’s work. Also, what is a ‘Mandao’? Mandao (‘man-dey-oh’) is the surname of this film’s hero: Jay Mandao, played by Writer, ... Read More