You Go To My Head (Movie Review)

“A love story with a twist, and a twisted story with love!” goes the tagline of You Go To My Head, the latest film from Dimitri de Clercq (The Blue Villa 1995, Earth and Ashes 2004) – and it is not far off. Written by ... Read More

Nekrotronic (Movie Review)

From the minds of the Roache-Turners – Writer Tristan and Director Kiah (War Games 2009. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead 2014) comes Nekrotronic. Due in theaters and on VOD on August 9th, 2019, is it worth catching, or should viewers wait for Tarantino to binge ... Read More

Mew – Visuals (Album Review)

Here kitty, kitty. It is time to Mew along to some new, dreamy Danish Indie Rock. That said, the band’s new album, Visuals, arrives on April 28, 2017. Those still fogged as to what in the world is being said, formed in the suburbs of Copenhagen ... Read More