Interview – Alan Parsons

To the casual music listener, the name Alan Parsons more than likely does not mean all too much. However, to the more astute listener, Alan Parsons means music royalty. If you find this to be a bold statement, it is, but it is true, because ... Read More

Interview – Briton Bond of Wage War

Beloved by many, Wage War formed in 2010 in Florida, and made their 2015 debut with Blueprints. With their name on the map, the band then delivered their sophomore effort, 2017’s Deadweight. Accumulating nearly 50 million streams over just the past two years, the quintet ... Read More

Interview – Ivy Crown

Copenhagen, Denmark’s Ivy Crown might be prepared to deliver their debut album in late 2019, but these ladies already know a lot about Rock-n-Roll. A phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of the all-female Punk band Taras, these hard rocking women have already toured ... Read More

Interview – Ruth B.

Place someone behind an acoustic guitar or in front of the keys of a piano, and you may find a natural born songwriter. Sometimes that is all it takes for inspiration to ensue, and for Ruth B., she and the piano go hand in hand. ... Read More

Von Grey – In Bloom: Acoustic (EP Review)

By definition, acoustic often refers to instrumentation used in musical performance. In the case of Von Grey, however, what fits more is the sense of sound that creates an ability to relate which is beyond human; music that the three classically-trained sisters create is supernatural. ... Read More