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Baby Assassins (Movie Review)

Had enough of streaming services? Too bad, here is another one! HI-YAH! is a new one devoted to martial arts films. The new Action Comedy Baby Assassins will debut exclusively on the service on July 22, 2022. Anyone not on the service will have to ... Read More

The Mimic (Movie Review)

Mythology/folklore, or in modern times referred to as urban legends, exists in every culture. Each corner of the planet has their own story to tell, some more frightening than others, and in South Korea there is the tale of “Tiger of Mt. Jang.” A myth ... Read More

Accident (Movie Review)

Stranger Danger! As children, most are taught never to talk or take rides from people they do not know. If they feel as though the situation warrants, this phrase is supposed to be shouted from the top of their little lungs and to run as ... Read More