Wild Eye Releasing

Hi-Fear (Movie Review)

Following 2013’s Hi-8 and 2018’s Hi-Death, 2023’s Hi-Fear is the third and final instalment Horror anthology in the series. With Hi- Fear released digitally on June 13th and DVD July 11th through Wild Eye Releasing, all three of the films were made with the intention ... Read More

Final Caller (Movie Review)

Released on July 5, 2022 through Wild Eye Releasing, Final Caller is not the first Horror film to set itself in the confines of a radio station. There is something about being on air that not only seems to invite attentive listeners but also seems ... Read More

Door In The Woods (Movie Review)

On Friday, October 29th Wild Eye Releasing added yet another film to their ever-growing catalogue of Horror/Thrillers with Door In The Woods.  A Supernatural flick from Writer/Director Billy Chase Goforth (25 2010, I’m OK 2017), it centers around a married couple, Evelyn (Jennifer Pierce Mathus: ... Read More

Devil Music (Movie Review)

Originally released under the title 61: Highway to Hell in 2017, with the premise of sex, drugs and Rock-n-Roll, Devil Music harbored a lot of potential. In fact, when Directors Jer and Luke Jackson pitched the idea, there surely was a buzz of interest all ... Read More