3 Lives (Movie Review)

Based on a story by Producer/Director Juliane Block (Kinks 2011, Train Station 2-15), fleshed out by Producer/Writer Wolf-Peter Arand (In the Gallery 2014, 8 Remains 2018), and due out on DVD and digital platforms from August 6th, 2019 via High Octane Pictures, 3 Lives aims ... Read More

Clinton Road (Movie Review)

Clinton Road winds through the town of West Milford in Passaic County, New Jersey. A nearly 10-mile stretch that dead ends at Upper Greenwood Lake, the road has become infamous for its plentiful tales of ghosts and ghouls, nightmarish creatures (the New Jersey Devil, anyone?), ... Read More

Body at Brighton Rock (Movie Review)

Despite the name, the new Thriller Body at Brighton Rock has nothing to do with Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock. Nor does its have anything to do with the famous 1948 film adaptation, or its 2010 remake. Written and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound 2015, ... Read More

Bullitt County (Movie Review)

Arriving on DVD on Tuesday February 26, 2019 via Gravitas Ventures, first and foremost, Bullitt County is not connected to the 1968 Steve McQueen car chase film. That in mind, nor is it related to the upcoming 2019 film Chasing Bullitt. It does combine elements of ... Read More

Lost Creek (Movie Review)

When fall comes to New England, playful children haunt the woods and monsters come alive. Something wicked lurks in the darkness and parents just don’t understand in Lost Creek, a brand-new blend of Drama, Fantasy, and Horror that arrives to Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, February 27, ... Read More