Wu-Tang Clan

Interview – Killah Priest

Real Hip Hop should deliver a message, tell a story, and most certainly strike a nerve. An art form often sold short, disrespected, or misunderstood, through adversity faced, it has still become one of the most popular forms of music over the last 30 years. ... Read More

U-God – Venom (Album Review)

The deep distinct voice of U-God was not included on The Saga Continues, the album released last fall under the generic moniker Wu-Tang. This slight change in attribution was a direct result of his absence on the record; Producer Mathematics told Exclaim! magazine at the ... Read More

Wu-Tang – The Saga Continues (Album Review)

Billed carefully as simply Wu-Tang, reflecting the fact that U-God is still estranged from the bulk of the Wu-Tang Clan over rights and royalties, latest release The Saga Continues quickly makes the authorship distinction unnecessary, as the album rolls more like a compilation of Wu-Tang Clan member appearances ... Read More