Tamar Braxton Shines Bright in NYC 5-28-14

tamarbraxton irvingplaza 052814 17 - Tamar Braxton Shines Bright in NYC 5-28-14

Tamar Braxton Shines Bright in NYC 5-28-14

Grammy-nominated singer Tamar Braxton has been extremely busy over the past year.  After releasing the chart topping R & B album Love & War in September of 2013 Braxton headed out on tour with John Legend, and now in 2014 takes on two consecutive tours in a row.  First, spending April on the road with R. Kelly, she now takes on her headlining  “Love and War Tour” making seventeen stops across the USA.  On Wednesday May 28th all the excitement made its way to New York City to play a sold out Irving Plaza filled with loving fans and even some special guests mixed in including Traci Braxton, Wendy Williams and Adrienne Bailon ( from 3LW & The Cheetah Girls ).

Setup with an elaborate stage, the show started off with a montage of clips from her Braxton Family Values show about love and relationships which fit with the theme of the Love & War Tour. As the screens started to rotate they revealed Braxton in a glittery one piece outfit. The audience went wild cheering with enthusiasm.  Going right into the songs “She Did That” and “The One” each song was perfectly choreographed with dance moves as Braxton shined in the spotlight.  Proving she has more than just a powerful voice, Braxton had the dance moves as well, exploding about the stage during bass banging songs like “Tip Toe and “Hot Sugar”.  Admiring her talents and completely into the performance many audience members could be spotted dancing, singing, and having a spectacular time as well.

As the set went on, Braxton with her elaborate stage show including the  massive rotating screens, platforms for herself and her dancers kept the energy pumping through Irving Plaza with no dull moments to be found.  Continuing to bedazzle the room with her multifaceted talents, Braxton mixed body moving dance numbers with beautiful ballads like  “Pieces” and “White Candle”.  It was during these moments she expressed her love and appreciation for the audience speaking sincere words to everyone about struggles in relationships and finding that special someone to love and respect you no matter what.  It was these conversational moments which made  the evening extra special revealing an artist who is honest, caring, and in-touch with reality.

Through the various costume changes, electrifying offerings of jams from Love & War, and the positive vibes felt on and off the stage the evening sadly began to draw to a close.  Going out with a bang, Braxton belted out every note with high intensity on the track  “All the Way Home” showing she is all soul. There would be no lip-syncing heard from this singer.  After roaring cheers the final song would be “Love & War” where her sister Traci accompanied her on stage for a magnificent duet.

Braxton puts on one powerful show full of fun and love. Her theatrical stage show was not only eye-catching but a complement to the power of the music which made this a must-see show.  There is no question she has the talent and the vocal intensity to match that of her R&B iconic sister Toni Braxton.  Be sure to check out the Love & War Tour before it concludes in the closing week of June.


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