Tantric & Otherwise Rock Whisky a Go Go West Hollywood, CA 11-8-14

Tantric & Otherwise Rock Whisky a Go Go West Hollywood, CA 11-8-14

American Hard Rock outfit Tantric continue their touring in 2014 in support of the newly released Blue Room Archives compilation via Pavement Records on September 30th.   Coming a year after the studio album 37 Channels, Blue Room Archives highlights unreleased material throughout the band’s career including newly recorded acoustic versions of classic Tantric tunes.  Predominately written and recorded within band mastermind Hugo Ferreira’s home studio he calls “The Blue Room,”  fans at Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, CA had a chance to experience it all live on Saturday November 8th.  With an extensive list of opening acts including Indestructible Noise Command, Echoed Silence, The North, Gutterfish, Reserved For Rondee, Neptune Sunrise, and well-known band Otherwise, the night was filled with plenty of Rock-n-Roll for all types of fans.

With the tour hitting a variety of cities from now through early 2015, a number of bands have graced the bill with Tantric along the way, and at Whisky a Go Go Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock stars Otherwise were the direct support for the evening.  Otherwise’s Century Media debut album, True Love Never Dies (2012), skyrocketed in popularity and the band has carried that over with their newest album released this past September titled Peace At All Costs.  Touring with the likes of Lacuna Coil, Filter, Papa Roach, Stone Sour, and Three Days Grace, also appearing on high profile festivals such as Rock on the Range, Aftershock, Rocklahoma, Carolina Rebellion and Welcome to Rockville; Otherwise a battled tested band. For vocalist Adrian Patrick, it has been a musical journey in which music helps him find peace and equilibrium within. Otherwise is no stranger to struggle and many bands would have crumbled under the pressure they have endured over the years.  Instead, they have become one of the best bands, climbing the charts with their latest singles and quickly becoming a household name in the Rock music world.

Known for their aggressive approach with sharp guitar licks, distinct groove, and a solid rhythm section, they exploded onto the stage like a force of energy.  Performing signature songs such as “Darker Side of the Moon,” “I Don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures),” and “Die For You,”  Otherwise wasted no time giving this audience a high dose of powerful Hard Rock anthems.  With tasty guitar lead guitars of Ryan Patrick, strong rhythm of guitarist Andrew Pugh, bassist Vassilios Metropoulos, and drummer Corky Gainsford, it seems as if Otherwise has found the perfect lineup filled with professionalism and chemistry.  Wrapping up the set with the emotional “Soldiers,” everyone was cheering in appreciating for Otherwise’s intense performance.  This quintet is dynamic and are Rock-n-Roll front runners in-spite of a changing musical climate and personal hardships, so do not miss them as they continue to tour about North America.

As the clock struck midnight at Whisky a Go Go, the mood was electric and the room was completely packed with Tantric fans ready to see what Ferreira and company had in store.  Vocalist Ferreira, the last original member of the band, has shown persistence and determination through a changing in the lineup as well as changing labels.  Now comprised of a supporting cast that includes drummer TJ Taylor, guitarist Derek Isaacs, and bassist Scott Wilson, Tantric are as strong a unit as ever with Ferreira continuing his artistic vision.  Antsy for the performance to begin, the audience chanted Tantric over and over until the moment the lights went down and the band took the stage.

Coming out in energetic fashion, Ferreira belted out his signature deep full vocals with ease as fans cheered in excitement.  Moving about the stage and making eye contact with members of the audience, Ferreira was connecting on a more personal level as they played some of the band’s biggest hits including “Hey Now,” “Live Your Life (Down),” and “Astounded.”  Mixing the textures of acoustic instruments with the heaviness of fast-paced guitar riffs and dynamic drummer, Tantric were as solid as ever all set long.  Playing other songs from the latter part of the band’s era like “Mind Control,” older classics “Breakdown” and “Mourning” kept the crowd dancing and singing along with equal enthusiasm.  Difficult to fathom it has been thirteen years since the release of the debut self-titled album on Maverick Records, the music still sounds as fresh as ever and Ferreira gives it all the attention it rightfully deserves.

Moving along with a balanced showcase of great music including newer songs such as “Mosquita” and “You Got What You Wanted,” a surprise came when they broke into the song “Frequency,”  to which fans began snapping more photos and trying to catch a glimpse of video to remember the moment.   Ferreira’s singing was sheer perfection and his warm personality on the stage made the evening that much more endearing until the final notes.  Tantric, while lively, were most of all consistent and did not miss a step. The Blue Room Achieves Tour marches on and it is time a new generation of Rock fans experience the emotional brand of music this band deliveries each and every night in their live performances.

Photo credit: Diane Gallemore

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