Tegan And Sara – Love You To Death (Album Review)

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Emerging out of thin air and taking the world by storm; artists like these are the most powerful and surely more gravitating than most. With nothing but ambition and pure passion, Canada brought some of the most beloved talent that is known in the Pop community today, and they are known as the duo called Tegan And Sara. With a strong friendship and commitment, in 1995 Tegan and Sara Quin’s music was able to kick off, already drawing in a solid amount of attention. What makes their bond even stronger is their relation, but of course being identical twins makes for the perfect duo right off the bat.

With nothing in the way, their hopes and dreams soon took shape as the release of their debut album, Under Feet Like Ours, came to life back in 1999. While working independently did wonders for the the young ladies, their talent did not go unnoticed, and they soon gained a label deal with Vapor records. Although mostly local, their names grew to be internationally known after the release of their So Jealous album in 2004. With a running start through their pronounced voices, the two can be found touring, writing, or being advocates for the LGBT community; giving insight to their pure hearts.

All this said, this dynamic duo already has a life for the books, even though it is not nearly over. Through touring with talents along the likes of Neil Young, New Found Glory, Paramore, and Weezer, while making appearances on television shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The L Word, and even getting recognized through multiple awards and nominations, nothing will outshine their raw talent. Now almost two decades since their initial creation, Tegan And Sara are back with even more music to fill the summer of 2016 with new tunes. It was on March 10th the news came down of the band’s planned eighth full-length studio album, Love You To Death, which hit the public June 3rd via Warner Bros. Records.

By word of the announcement, excitement spread throughout the music community as anticipation grew, and not only would there be new music, but a world tour to go along with it in support of Love You To Death. Filled with ten tracks, the album kicks off with “That Girl,” a piece that screams Tegan And Sara with its slow build complimented by their melodic voices that will surely hook in listeners. With their signature Electronic instrumentation, the album continues on with “Faint of Heart,” another track that starts off slow and builds into an eruption of energy. Upbeat yet slightly mellow, this song is about the tough side of love, already giving listeners a chance to relate to their music.

Moving forward, “Boyfriend” gives a somewhat mystifying atmosphere, but then jumps into catchy and confident vibes. Being the first single anyone heard off Love You To Death, listeners are immediately reminded of why they love Tegan And Sara. Throwing down a different beat, “Dying to Know” dives into the unknown of a past relationship. With its defined melody, this cut is one that glows with progressive qualities in their overall sound compared to past records.

Definitely the highlight of the album, Tegan And Sara outdone themselves with the song entitled “Stop Desire.” Being completely unforgettable and danceable, this track is the tour de force of Love You To Death. Shifting tones once more, “White Knuckles” is a tab bit more laid back than the  prior piece, but still gives off the songwriting teams feel good vibrations. Highlighting their darker side, lyrics “I cried wolf howled it at the moon, so luck be damned. Break that mirror in two” suggest a unusual struggle and the more vulnerable side of Tegan And Sara.

Completely shifting the tone all together “100x” is slow and drawn out, showcasing beautiful vocals alongside piano instrumentation. About branching out and moving on, again, Tegan and Sara give listeners a chance to connect through the music. Jumping back to their signature style, “BWU” is bouncy and light, and is sure to be a Tegan And Sara staple. Another highlight comes with “Be With You,” a song about what one would do just to be with someone. A sweet gesture, it is enjoyable enough for repeated listens. Getting near the end of Love You To Death, “U-Turn” brings even more fun to the table with a retro sound that is extremely inviting. Then it all comes crashing down with“Hang On To The Night” which is a peaceful and calming closing that will make a fan of Tegan And Sara want to hit replay to hear the entire album over once more.

Offering new music just in time for the summer, fans are sure to go crazy over Tegan And Sara’s latest record. With this new album complete, there is no way to predict a crowd reaction, but there is a good chance it will be a positive one. Having a full list of tour dates lined up and ready to play all of their hit songs, as well as selects from Love You To Death, Tegan and Sara are sure to please. CrypticRock gives this album 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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