Tenacious D – Post-Apocalypto (Album Review)

Without humor, the world would be a dull and deadly place full of angry breathing robots in continuous monotonous motion. In Rock and Heavy Metal, the interjection of humor is also essential in order to keep matters from getting a little too serious. Here to save the day, one of the most witty bands of them all with their brand of Mock Rock, are none other than the lively duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, also known as Tenacious D. Been at their game for some time now, the fantastical tales of JB and KG continue with their fourth album, Post-Apocalypto, out on Friday, November 2, 2018 through Columbia Record.

As a theme appropriate for 2018, the boys march their best feet forward by making the apocalypse sound enticing as they craftily remove the fear from the system. After all, this is the time to shine and to show the world the best face of humanity, because without it, the world will continue to remain in grave peril destined to destroy itself. With Post-Apocalypto, they bring something musical and visual – first a six-part animated series that began rolling out on their YouTube channel September 28th and now the 21 track 30-plus minute album. 

As with their 2006 album The Pick of Destiny, the goal at large is to save the world from ‘demons.’ In the case of Post-Apocalypto, the demons are the angry citizens, along with the current President. While the two stories have definite similarities they vary in creative attributes. The latter is taken from the aforementioned video series which, by the way, is all hand drawn by Black himself. 

Produced by John Spiker, the album itself is a mix of very short tracks, each bleeding into the other. As Black mentions in track number two, “desolation,” humanity has destroyed Mother Earth and the only chance of survival relies on their wits, friendship, and, well, Rock-n-Roll. This could not be a more truth or simple concept, but sadly most humans are too busy creating new problems with their fear.

Moving on, with “HOPE” as well as “cave woman,” the fundamental basics of post-apocalypse living are put in play as they find peace in plants and animals. They eventually discover other human survivors to start the slow process of repopulating the earth, bringing us to the amply titled “MAKING LOVE.” Then they try to leave the earth behind with the song “TAKE US INTO SPACE,” once more, the human race divides.

As mentioned, mostly short songs, almost every other one is filled with a fun story break. Since no Tenacious D album is complete without a little sexual vulgarity, in the mix is one of the more Metal-styled songs “DADDY DING DONG” before pummeling into the next political subject matter of “ROBOT.” With sarcasm at play, they march through the most boldly political part of the album. After this, the album shifts into a more peaceful mission with the most beautiful tune of them all, “COLORS,” featuring a serene, almost Country/Folk vibe, expressing the importance of acceptance and unity.

Then, as the most bizarre and out of place track of all, there is the sarcastic little rap jam “JB JR RAP” which seems like a mockery of the worst mainstream Rap/Hip Hop music out there today. Fortunately, it’s very short in it’s piercing pain. Finally, they jump into the wild and harsh “WOMAN TIME” followed by a short and to the point  “SAVE THE WORLD.”

Overall, Post-Apocalypto is meant to be a story and a life lesson while providing a comic relief in the midst of a world of chaos. Successful, for anyone who appreciates the sarcastic humor of Jack Black, the latest Tenacious D will provide plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment. Looking forward to the apocalyptic future for Tenacious D, CrypticRock gives Post-Apocalypto 4 out of 5 stars.

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