The 131ers Premiere “Ballerina” Video

Remember the days of Alternative Rock that was the soundtrack to your life? Well, there are still some bands creating music just like that and Californian band The 131ers might be your hidden gem to uncover. Consisting of Kaleb Davies (vocals/guitar), Ryan Dawson (drums), Chris Graue (bass), and Greg Wilmot (guitar), the young act offer a unique blend of styles that is soulful, melodic, and truly is an alternative to whatever else is going on at the moment. Releasing their self-titled debut album in 2016, and their follow-up Nothing As It Should Be, back in June of this year, the band are set to breakout of the local scene and into the national spotlight, so the question is, are you ready? 

Energetic and inspired, in support of the new album, they are excited to premiere their latest music video for the song curiously titled “Ballerina.” Check out the video below:

Now, you maybe asking, what could a song called “Ballerina” be about? Kaleb Davies explains, “It’s about a relationship that was never supposed to be. Two dumb kids that couldn’t ever get the timing right and in the end broke each other’s hearts. I think as a whole, “Ballerina” is about a modern relationship – it’s drunk calls at 2am, social media miscommunications, and above all a need to never admit you actually care.

A fascinating concept, the song itself is smooth, inviting, and harks back to the days of ’90s Alternative Rock best tidbits. As far as the music video, it is equally interesting, and in a strange way, matches the theme of the song. Chris Grave states,  This was one of the most fun videos to make, and it was a concept we had since the day the song was written almost three years ago. We wanted to tell a story of how life unwinds, becoming a wreck, and yet these nearly magical things of beauty tend to show up and float through untouched. Like a ballerina through our wrecked warehouse. I’m still finding confetti.” 

An indie act with talent, The 131ers have what it takes to find a fanbase beyond their local scene. So remember the name, it could be one on some national bills sooner than later.

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