The 69 Eyes – Drive (EP Review)

The 69 Eyes – Drive (EP Review)

True to their lore, Helsinki’s own vampires, The 69 Eyes, never seem to ever grow old…and most certainly never get tired of making music. Seemingly always on the road or in the studio, they are back yet again with their new EP Drive

Coming after twelve full length studio albums, countless #1 hits in Finland, Drive – featuring three new songs and a bonus live track – sees the light of day on Friday, September 16, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records. A sweet little treat for fans, it all starts with the title-track which features catchy rhythms matched with Jyrki 69’s gloomy voice which add just the right amount of mystery. A killer track, “Drive” emulates the feeling of being in a high speed chase all while pouring out a rocking sound that you will want to blast loudly. 

Next up the slow, inviting “Call Me Snake” emerges with a sound reminiscent of older 69 Eyes material.  And while it is not as up-tempo as “Drive,” it is still equally as engaging. Then, the last of the new songs, “California,” lifts the darkness a bit and kicks in with an irresistible rhythm. Native to Finland, 69 Eyes still have always loved Los Angeles, and this cut is an ode to the stereotypes of Hollywood, but also the Golden State in general.  Which leads us to the live offer, “Two Horns Up.” Full of energy, the 2019 West End album song really gets you revved up and yearning for a chance to witness some live music.  

Short but sweet, Drive shows The 69 Eyes’ notorious sound is sharper than ever. You can feel the energy along with the passion put into it. Dark, gloomy, and delightfully everything you want from this band, Cryptic Rock gives Drive 5 out of 5 stars. 

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Nina Mende
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