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The Banishment – Machine and Bone (Album Review)

The Banishment George Lynch band

First associated with the hitmaking band Dokken, George Lynch is a guitarist with an extremely deep and rather unique resume. To rattle off some of his contributions to Rock-n-Roll, he formed Lynch Mob in 1989, has released a slew of solo albums, but also teamed with Jeff Pilson (also from Dokken) for numerous releases, worked with members of Korn and King’s X within KXM, plus teamed up with Stryper’s Michael Sweet, among many others. Really a busy creative force, in 2023, the legendary Lynch is at it again.

To summarize it, in 2023 alone, he released the solo album called Guitars At The End of the World in September, but also put out the Lynch Mob album Babylon in October, the Lynch/Pilson album Heavy Hitters II in August, after the Sweet & Lynch album Heart & Sacrifice in May, and he even put together another project called The Banishment. Makes you wonder… does George Lynch ever sleep? Anyway, the ultra prolific player has always had a very diverse style that reaches much further than standard Rock and Metal, so with that he scratches a certain Industrial Rock/Metal itch in what he calls The Banishment.

Summarizing the main concept behind The Banishment, it is a dark, moody Industrial Rock band very similar to some of the best material put out during the ‘90s from the likes of Stabbing Westward, Filter, God Lives Underwater, and Orgy. A good place to be if you are creating Industrial Rock, Lynch works with programmer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze, along with Vocalist Devix Szell in The Banishment. Haze, who has an extensive list of credits behind him, has collaborated with Primitive Race and even performed as a live member of the Lords of Acid band. This is while Szell, a very interesting vocalist, has worked in various other projects, as well as scored soundtracks. Together they create The Banishment, and the album they call Machine and Bone.

Released on March 10, 2023 through Frontiers Music Srl, it is 10 songs of lively Industrial Rock of the highest order. Heavily driven by Lynch’s guitars, the project feels whole and authentic with additional harsher Industrial elements that joining Szell’s voice that sometimes is highly reminiscent of Marilyn Manson. 

This in mind, some really cool tracks include “Reaction,” “Terra Nullius” and “Got What You Wanted.” Adding to these, there are also must listens with “Max Pain,” featuring Filter’s own Richard Patrick, “The Dread,” with Godhead’s Jason Charles Miller, and two tracks with Prong’s Tommy Victor on vocals – “Right” and “Terror.”

Overall, The Banishment and Machine and Bone is a really surprising entry into the George Lynch story. Well-done and not feeling at all awkward, it just is further proof that he is a master of all kinds of music. That is why Cryptic Rock urges Industrial Rock fans to check out The Banishment if they have not already done so, and gives Machine and Bone 4 out of 5 stars.

The Banishment - Machine and Bone album artwork
The Banishment – Machine and Bone / Frontier Records Srl (2023)

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