The Black Dahlia Murder & Suicide Silence Tear Up Irving Plaza, NYC 10-9-14 w/ Chelsea Grin

The Black Dahlia Murder & Suicide Silence Tear Up Irving Plaza, NYC 10-9-14 w/ Chelsea Grin

After a busy summer, American metal juggernauts The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, and Chelsea Grin team up with  Alterbeast for a massive fall tour across North America.  Kicking off October 3rd in Chicago, IL ,mowing down everything in their path along the way , the brutality came to Irving Plaza in New York City on Thursday, October 9th.  Adding intrigue to the evening, the tour presented by Blackcraft teamed up with Live Nation and Yahoo to live-stream the concert on the Live National Channel on Yahoo Screen. The celebration was marked as a special date for the bill and their followers worldwide as fans anywhere witnessed the concert from any internet streaming device.

Gracing the stage first was Alterbeast from Sacramento, CA.  Formed in 2011, Alterbeast unleashed their debut album Immortal this past spring, much to their followers’ anticipation.  Playing a ruckus mix of their Technical Metal, the band had the crowd moving with songs like “Vile Remnants” and “Throne of Maggots.”  With plenty of moshing and chaos to go around, it was a wondrous start to the evening ahead .

Next was Salt Lake City, Utah’s own Chelsea Grin.  Coming off the success run on Vans Warped Tour 2014, the band continues to support their third studio album Ashes to Ashes.  Considered by many as the band’s most complete album yet, Chelsea Grin are a band that still have a few tricks up their sleeve as they progress over the years. Beginning their set with the intensity of “My Damnation”, the triple guitar threat of Jake Harmond, Dan Jones, and Jason Richardson set a wall of sound that could be felt in the pit of the audience’s chest.  Speaking of pits, when Deathcore gem “Lilith” began, the moshing became more prevalent and the rush continued through new songs “Playing With Fire,” “Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray,” and “Clockwork.” As vocalist Alex Koehler consistently punished the microphone with unholy growls through each song, the closing of “Recreant” ignited the energy into a louder, more powerful force than at any time prior.  Chelsea Grin wear the Deathcore label proud and rightfully so as they proved it here.

Making way for the Southern Californians, Suicide Silence, this co-headlining spot is something that adoring followers have been waiting for.  After the tragic death of vocalist Mitch Lucker in 2012, Suicide Silence took a year to recollect themselves and returned in late 2013 with new vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida of All Shall Perish.  Rising from the ashes of their terrible loss, the band showed resilience and gave audiences 2014’s incredible comeback album You Can’t Stop Me. Equally amped for this tour as much as fans, guitarist Mark Heylmun stated “It has been way too long since we headlined in the good ol’ US of A, and it’s an honor to be co-headlining with our friends in BLACK DAHLIA.”  Indeed overdue, the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival appearance damped the pallet of their fan and now it was time for the full blown assault of Suicide Silence.

As the dark mood set with “M.A.L.”,  the air was filled with the pummeling and ensued with “Inherit the Crown” and “Cease to Exist.”  Immediately grabbing the audience by the throat,s Hermida showed his enthusiasm as the band’s new vocalist with screams that could wake the dead.  Putting his heart into the performance, older favorites such as “No Pity for a Coward,” “Wake Up,” “Unanswered,” and “Fuck Everything” were offered lively as the raw power took over Irving Plaza like a tornado.  Showing their appreciation for the overwhelming positive response, bandmates Heylmun, Chris Garza (guitar), Alex Lopez (drums), and Dan Kenny (bass) exhibited a release of emotion and moved about the stage and dominated the moment in fierce fashion.  Playing on and fueling the mosh pit with “Bludgeoned to Death,” “Slaves to Substance” and “Disengage”, Suicide Silence continued their reign all the way through the encore of “You Only Live Once.”  Resonating within the hearts of each member of the band more than ever, Suicide Silence showed their will to continue is as inspiring as it is relevant.

Closing out the night was Michigan’s veteran death metal band, The Black Dahlia Murder.  Continuing success for thirteen years now with a dedication to performing live, Black Dahlia Murder have made themselves a leader in the extreme metal scene.  Spending time in the earlier portion of 2014 on the  Decibel Magazine Tour, The Black Dahlia Murder wanted to give their fans one last run in support of their 2013 album Everblack.  Projected by vocalist Trevor Strnad as a tour that would be filled with good times and music, one could not argue that statement judging by the atmosphere inside Irving Plaza.

Opening with a newer song, “In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me,” metal horns were in the air as guitarists Ryan Knight and Brian Eschbach set up the incoming of Strnad’s bellow.  Instantly causing a stir of crowd surfing and aggressive moshing, it was difficult not to get caught in the whirlwind on the floor of Irving Plaza as fans let loose on songs like “Everything Went Black,”  “Closed Casket Requiem,” and “Moonlight Equilibrium.” Adding amusing on-stage antics to the equation, along with some generous crowd interaction, the band had complete control of the room and sounded perfect through each speedy tune.  As Strnad dripped sweat, he conjured up his black metal tingled vocals with songs such as “Unhallowed”. The rampage continued with the earth-shattering drumming of Alan Cassidy on “Funeral Thirst” .  They didn’t let up  as they coursed through “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse” and followed with a closing of a melodic metal dream, ” I Will Return.”

The Black Dahlia Murder were nothing less than metal excellence.  Witnessing the reaction they provoked with each song they played was remarkable and inexhaustible to the audience.  While the touring cycle for Everblack may be ending in North America, chances are they will be sure to have a new tour brewing, judging by this band’s track record in 2015.

Read an interview with David Flinn & Pablo Viveros of Chelsea Grin:

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