The Color Morale – Desolate Divine (Album Review)

The Color Morale – Desolate Divine (Album Review)


With a little under a decade of being, many musicians never receive the recognition they deserve; but in some cases this is not true. For the guys in The Color Morale, 2007 brought dreams to reality, and music to the ears of a scene in the making. Nothing screams dedication like creating four full-length studio albums in just nine years. Originating in Rockford, Illinois, initial members brought the group to life in hopes of starting up their careers once again after past bands did not work out. With the world at their fingertips, there was nothing they could not endure, and making music was one of them. Only a short time after forming, The Color Morale was signed to Rise Records; releasing their first full-length album soon after. Subsequently, a couple of years filled with more music and touring than they could have ever imagined, Fearless Records announced they were signing the band, alongside the release of their third studio record.

Almost ten years now, The Color Morale are at a solid place in their careers. With current members Garret Rapp (vocals), Steve Carey (drums), Devin King (guitar), Aaron Saunders (guitar), and Mike Honson (bass), the band is stronger than ever. Only to back this up, the guys have just dropped their fourth full-length studio album. Desolate Divine was released to the public August 19, via Fearless records, while taking the scene by storm.

The Color Morale kicks off their new album with “Lonesome Soul,” a riveting start to Desolate Divine. With its upbeat tempo and interesting sound, any listener is going to be intrigued right from the start. With their Post Hardcore sound, the band will attract a wide audience within the scene. Continuing on with “Clip Paper Wings,” this song is intricate and introspective, filled with emotion and energy; an instant hit. Switching between clean and heavy vocals, this track perfectly shows the large variety of talent within The Color Morale, not to mention the intense and incredible instrumentation. With lyrics “your wings might be broken but it’s not too late,” perfectly summing up the song, listeners are sure to be hooked.

With an eerie start, “Walls” kicks in and is wholly unique and utterly masterful. This track is just an example of how Desolate Divine is some of the most successful music of their career. Moving on to the next track, “Trail Of Blood” shines a new light on The Color Morale; this song is catchy and true. With lyrics “I refuse to be your casualty,” listeners can relate to the music and enjoy it, as it is listenable and indulgent. Jumping to “Version Of Me,” this song is just as, if not better than the other. Glowing with talent and brilliance, this track is sure to grab the attention of all those around.

A work of instrumental genius, “Home Bittersweet Home” is a perfect track for any of those who have not yet become a fan of The Color Morale. Showing a tremendous amount of skill, this song is beautifully written and vocally outshines past records. A tad heavier than the rest in instrumentation, “Misery Hates Company” is fully energetic and a soon-to-be favorite for all who are listening to Desolate Divine. More vulnerable than most, “Perfect Strangers” lives up to the hype of the album. As satisfying as all tracks, their audience are sure to be looking forward to giving this track a relisten, as well as the others.

Taking a slight shift in sound, “Broken Vessel” starts out softer than any other off the album. Extraordinary in all ways, this track is stunning, giving thanks to the immense amount of creativity and expertise of all those in The Color Morale. “Fauxtographic Memory” contains complex yet inviting lyrics, alongside layered instrumentation. Closing out Desolate Divine with “Keep Me In My Body,” this track is definitely the tour de force of the album. Incredibly performed, this song is the perfect way to end an even more brilliant album.

Completely at their best, The Color Morale have set the bar high for themselves as they continue to embark on their journey of music. As they connect with their fans on a higher level than ever before, the audience ongoingly grows with every listen. With tremendous passion and talent, this album is like nothing before. CrypticRock gives The Color Morale’s Desolate Divine 4 out of 5 stars.

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